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Traveling Between Dimensions

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When thinking about traveling, people may define traveling as, entering in an airplane, boat, car, or any other way of transportation, and go to one point to another one. Many won’t come over the idea that traveling between earth and the spirit world would be an option. We have been taught since we were young, to enter the spirit world, one must be laying on their deathbed, and when they die their spirit will go either to heaven if you believe in God, or the spirit will continue to live in another form. Now, many other ways have been revealed throughout the years, of different tribes and ancient cultures which enters the spirit world as a routine to visit their gods, ancestors and so on. But who are they? Where do they live and how do they enter the spirit world without needing to die? For what other reason do people enter the spirit world, if there is any other reason? Let’s dig deep and understand their culture, beliefs and their spiritual ritual, and also know the other reason human may want to enter the spirit world. First of all, lets understand the meaning of what a spirit is. A spirit is “The part of a human associated with the mind, will, and feelings”, or, “ The essential nature of a person”( So to understand this term better and putting it in a context with the spirit world, this is where the soul of a person goes after for example death or for any other reason. Now, the answer that may follow is, where is the spirit world? Do you need to buy a ticket to get there, have special training or be someone important? The answer for this is.. NO! The spirit world is in our world. It is not separated from the earth by any type of distance, but what separates the world and the spirit world from each other is, dimension. There are many different ways that people enter the spirit world, which depends and vary from person to person and their circumstances that they are in that allowed them to enter it, and the common way is trough death or the method and reasoning that ancient tribes used to enter the spirit world. There are many types of ancient tribes who used to enter the spirit world on a daily basis to do their prayers or to ask advice to their gods. When they travel to the spirit world, they are in their own space, where they can communicate to each other since the gods are not able to take human forms, since they do not have a body to enter earth. One of the ancient tribes that used to enter the spirit world on a daily basis, to connect with their gods is called the Mayans. They used to live in South America in the Area of Mexico and Honduras (see appendix1), and they were a great population of civilized natives. The Mayans (see appendix 2) who lived in the years 150 B.C to 1524 A.D (Matthew. P. & Schele. L., 1996) had rapidly became a very advanced city and this is where there rituals began as well. It was utterly important for the Mayans to understand “both the nature of their ritual centers and the events that transpired in their kingdoms”(Bender, 2001). The Mayans appreciated traveling between the dimensions because according to them this is very important for their lives and to balance the “ying-yang” in their lives. They did not travel to the spirit world in their rooms or outside their houses. There were special places that they would go such as near waterfalls, volcanoes, or other places where nature was impressive since there, they can relax and take the energy from the earth, meditate and get the power to travel. Researches believe that they tend to use natural places to transfer to the spirit world since the power of these places is what draw them apart for their daily lives and into awareness of the primal forces of Creation (Bender, 2001). However, even if they used natural places (see appendix 3 and 4), they tend to build different types of temples and items to bring when they go and do