Treaty Of San Guadalupe Hidalgo Essay

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Treaty of San Guadalupe Hidalgo
Definition: Treaty of San Guadalupe Hidalgo was a settlement between the United State of America and the Mexican Republic which included peace as well as friendship.
Clarifier: Mexican- American wars occurred due to the land of Texas being so close to the Rio Grande leading to many advantages, Mexico wanted to invade the United States, and led to war killing hundreds of soldiers during their battles. In 1848 the Treaty of San Guadalupe Hidalgo was a negotiation to help the war, yet the treaty led to peace between both governments.
Historical Significance: This event led to many positive reactions, both governments received what they could use, yet the United States got more in return Mexico gave the U.S, California, as
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John Brown
Definition: John Brown was an abolitionist who during the 19th century who would do anything in his power to free slaves even if he had to use violence.
Clarifier: John along with his sons wanted to start a slave rebellion, they want the United States to stop slavery and give slaves rights just like the whites. He might of not stop slavery but, he sure did help start it by using violent mentions in order to be heard.
Historical Significance: John Brown believe that he was called to stop slavery he decided to take the fight to the federal arsenal to take control of the weapons so they could leave the town gun less using violent in the process. Unfortunately, slaves didn’t follow them to help fight they were killed and he was captured by the military and was sentenced to be hanged.
Counter- Perspective: American were divided during the cause of the John Brown “radicals of both the left and right have revered Brown as a man willing to take action against an institution” (Foner 500). Many people saw him as a hero for standing up for a great cause while others hated the fact he was a anti- slavery icon and was a bad influence.
Source: (Foner, Give me Liberty, p.