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Trends Paper
Team C
November10, 2014
Kimberly Tarshis
The growth of our society affects every individual that lives in it. As the advancements in

the world continue to grow, the human services industry must grow with it as well. Not only is it

vital for the society to stay up to date with the new technology and trends, as professions in

human services, we must too stay up to date. As the human services field thrives to better the

people, we must thrive to better our services that we provide to our clients. As stated in chapter

3, “-21st century human services professionals need different helping skills.” (Woodson and

McClam, 2011) We must be able to keep up with the trends as well to be able to reach the new

generation of clients that we are assisting. The world is not going to slow down for us, but we

have an obligation to our clients and those who are in need of help to keep up with the society,

and that as well includes the continuous development of technology. Technology and the use of

the internet has become a very big trend on today’s society as well; which is a demographic

development that the human services profession must as well keep up with. Being able to

connect and stay connected to the society is a very important factor in the industry; we must be

willing to adapt to the changes in the society to be able to reach our clients and help them with

all of their needs. There may be challenges in the growth of the demographics, but adaption is


The 21st century is changing the world on daily basis for human services. Human services will be affected in the future due to diversity, population growth, aging, and the interaction between client and the helper. There has been change around the globe and here in our country as well. A human service worker must be ready for the change that comes along with the centuries. The human services were set up to assist mainly the poor. Now they can assist anyone who may be in need of some help. Human service can focus on things such as mental health, family unity, substance abuse, and financial assistance. At one point in time parents that had children that had some issues didn’t have any place to go get the help that may have needed because most likely the human services didn’t know where to refer them. Over time the human services has been divided into different section that can help a person with a specific problem that they may require help for. Now human service provides help for the homeless and unemployed are now able to receive services on the streets, in shelters, at food ministries, churches, recreational facilities and recovery centers to mention a few (Woodside & McClam, 2011).The health system is also something that could be affected in the future. There are families that can’t afford health insurance because of the cost and they are able to get assistance from human services for the children and maybe themselves. With this service they are able to get the necessary dental care, and medical attention that they may require. There are now Community-Based services can help mental ill people become more involved in the environments. Hospice is another form of Community-Based services this provides services for a family that has a family member in their final stages of life. In summary, human services will change to make sure that they are up to date with society.
There are many economic and political events related to current trends in the human services field, which is designed for the assembly of growing needs of people who require human service everywhere. High financing requirements provide clients with service in various areas, which are important to their well being especially for those in the area. However, Keeping Up with the services is hard for those clients when quality care is inaccessible. According to “Human Services in a Time of Economic Crisis” (2009) “adding to the human services funding deficit, and