Tricare Essay

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This paper is to provide an overview of TRICARE with its history, available insurance products, organization and number of enrollees. In July 1775, the Congress established a hospital or what they called it then a medical department in Massachusetts with a chief physician of the hospital, four surgeons, a pharmacist, and nurses, which are usually wives or widows of military personnel to care for military members. (TRICARE Timeline). Today health care has come a long way especially for the military; we have better equipment and more than enough surgeons, physicians, and of course, our spouses or widows are no longer our nurses. Now we have qualified individuals that are very capable of making sure that they are patched and ready to get …show more content…
(TRICARE Website) All in all TRICARE in my opinion has worked great for me when I was active duty and still now that I am in Active reserves. Before I left the Navy, and shopping for health insurance just seems so expensive, with the area of where I lived at and I was limited to how many time I can see my doctor, and after I used up all my allotted visits I had to pay extra money on top of my copay amount. I will not say the TRICARE is a perfect health insurance by far no system is perfect, but compare to other health insurance TRICARE by far is an outstanding system that keeps looking for