Trousers and Cotton Khaki Pants Essay

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Dr. Hall is wearing a 100% cotton white coat, 100% cotton Khaki pants, a black and white cashmere tie, and to end off the costume he has premium leather black dress shoes. While wearing this Dr. Hall is portraying the qualities that many doctors personify, but in this case he will perform surgery on Jeffrey and inform tell Jeffrey that he only has few weeks to live, and delivers twins for the Robinson’s family.

Jeffery is wearing a polyester Hawaiian shirt, with 100% khaki shorts, and topping it off with light brown sandals that were made in China. The reason Jeffery is wearing an vacation attire is because he was told that he had only few days to live, so he decided to take a vacation to the islands before his time was up. He is wearing this to set the mood of a dying man and he was to spend the remaining time doing something he could have not done earlier in life.

Susan is wearing a 100% cotton spoiled brat Aztec sequined racerback, Tank Top in White. The Size 3 high waist shorts light denim are made with 100% cotton, gold earrings, Indigo Aztec Beaded Thong Sandals, and a Louis Vuitton handbag. By Susan wearing this outfit she is setting an example of a young girl dressed in expensive clothes because she got rich off her mother life insurance. She is not afraid to flaunt her money, but inside she would trade all of those material things for her mother.

Rebecca has two costumes in this story. One outfit is for business work and the other is for normal everyday attire. The picture on the top consist of her wearing a 100% cotton full tilt essential button from chiffon women’s