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Twelfth Night course work- Katelan Heald conventional task 2- how does shakespear present key elements of comedy through confusion and deception?
Humor is added in twelfth night as adolescent boys play the roles of female characters this added greater dymention to disguise. 'comedy in Elizabethan usage is different to modern day comedy. A shakespearn comedy has a happy ending usually involing unmarried characters. shakespearean comedys also nomally include deception among characters-mistaken identity. Also normally includes intertwining plots. types of comedy;slapstick,puns,dry humour,earthy humor,witty banter,pratical jokes. Twelfth night displays asspects of love,humor and confusion. humor is shown through;romantic triangles,mistaken identities and the change of gender through disguise in twelfth night. This peaks at the end when all characters join togther in ulitmate confusion.
Twelfth night uses all types of humor including;Violia cross dresses as a boy to serve in duke orsinos court,at first this seemed like a good idea until she fell in love with the Duke.
The title is synificant as it celebrates the twelfth night of christmas when the celebrations come to an end. shakespear wrote in Iambic pentameter-one stressed,one unstressed,ten sylobs per line. The audience would have expected this it adds dramatic tension. it has the beat of a heart beat which fis in nicely with the theme of love. comical characters include Sir Andrew Aguecheek-suitor to olivia and Sir Toby Blech olivias uncle. ironic comedy