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You sit at home, unable to move, crippled by obsession. Any erratic sound or movement triggers something electric in you brain. The midnight hour has long passed, but you can't seem to succumb to sleep. It is not about simply wanting to find out what happens around the next curve, but that you have to find out what happens next. You fear you are going crazy. But what mundane object could trigger such suspense and emotion? What could cause such an…obsession? There is only one thing known to man that could make one be more interested in a storyline than to sleep, eat, or think about anything else but that one object-Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
I have to ask myself a simple question. How would one "define" the incredible oddity that seems omnipresent in today's society? The dictionary definition for the term twilight is "the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon." To anyone you might ask who crosses your path may assert something as facile as "It is just an amazing story." Indeed, the story is miraculous, but I would like to take the definition to a much deeper level. Something as phenomenal as Twilight needs a more noble denotation. Therefore, I strive to achieve this immense feat.
To a neophyte to the Twilight universe, a zealot of the series might seem fanatical. I feel that they draw false conclusions about we "Twilighters" because they have not yet themselves acquired the savoir-faire needed to really appreciate its abundant offering intellectually. If I were to give advice to someone who automatically despises Twilight only because it has gotten so much hype over the past few months, I would say to at least give it a chance. It would not be the object of immense mass hysteria it is today if it was not worth investigating. Truth be told, these people have hypocritical critiques of something they just do not understand. They more than likely have discovered something at one time or another that they enjoyed so thoroughly that they wanted to share their passion for it to the world.
What makes Twilight worth all the hype? In my opinion, it is the way Meyer epitomizes her characters. Edward Cullen does not simply walk across a room. By the end of her description, Edward will have sauntered across him room to further dazzle our favorite story heroine, Bella Swan. At the beginning of the beloved novel, Twilight, the reader, and Bella, felt as if Edward detested Bella. Along down the storyline, we find that Mr. Cullen only had an intense craving to taste her blood. Each event in the story either connects with another even, intensifies the suspense, or adds irony to a given situation. Furthermore, an event that one might think is inconsequential would be of utmost importance later on. In a broader sense, the fact that