Two Types of Weight Loss Essay

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Two Methods of Losing Weight

The two methods of losing weight that I am going to present are exercising and eating more healthy. Eating healthier and taking smaller portions along with exercise are very important in losing weight. You may also incorporate some sort of exercise whether it is walking around the block or walking on the treadmill at the gym. Take 20 minute walks in the evening, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away than usual and walk when going to the store, all of these steps will increase you activity level. Obesity comes with many health issues like diabetes, although you can have diabetes and not be overweight as well. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, obesity affects two–thirds of adults in the United States. Over one–third of these adults are considered obese. In today’s society obese/overweight people is more common than ever. As we age and unfortunately we all will, the older we get the harder it is to lose weight. Take action now and begin your regimen by changing your eating habits. The sooner you take action the better the success rate will be for you. The condition of obesity begins when one takes too many calories. More than what is needed for basic consumption and lack of physical movement which results in gaining weight.
Diet and exercise are the two most common ways of losing weight while exercising burns fat and calories. I have tried many diets some of them worked for a while and I fell off the wagon, and tried a few others, but to with no success. Today I have a stronger will power to get more physical, but that will take place after my surgeries are done, one of which includes a Dorsal Column Stimulator. Then the next step which will be the Gastric Bypass Sleeve. I am excited to have this procedure done. People in today’s society want to be perfectly thin, but we have to be real. There are numerous ways to lose weight. The Cabbage Soup diet ‘which I have tried and lost about 25 pounds on’ would include some of the foods that would be allowed in your diet. I think also that in order to lose weight you must have the funds to buy the foods in the diet plan. The cost is much more than most individuals can afford. Start taking control of your life. Pick up a pen and grab a notebook, you’re going to write down all the reason you have to lose weight. Do not stop until you reach at least ten reasons. Here are some suggestions:
1. I’ll be healthier
2. I can live my life without health problems
3. I want to back into the clothes that I wore before
4. I’ll look better
5. I will save money, because I will not buy junk food
If you try Weight Watchers, Slim Fast,
The South Beach Diet, and The Jenny Craig diet can be very costly for most people. Healthy tems at the grocery store are at soaring high prices. Eating healthier and exercise are really the two methods of sincere weight loss, but to do this it does take a whole bunch of will power and self-control. In combination of consistent healthy eating and exercising is the key to achieving you goal. Keeping on following the same routine to keep the weight off.

The Department of Health and Human Services says adult women can consume as few as
1,000 per day and men 1,200 calories to lose weight safely. Obesity does increase the chances of heart disease and thus can cause heart attacks, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrest, and abnormal heart rhythm. These risks can be decreased when you strive to lose weight and (BMI)
Body Mass Index. These benefits of exercise go way beyond weight loss. The benefits of exercising is that you will be gaining muscle. Some aerobic exercises can also help the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. While decreasing your intake be cautious, do not miss or skip meals. Starving your body can do damage to you. The most effective is to eat 6 smaller meals during the day.