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It was important for Pavlo to be warm and so the family had to make many changes, just for a new member of the family. They had to change some of their normal everyday routines to make the marmoset warm. They had to imitate a jungle, because marmosets cannot last more than a year in cold weather, but in doing this, to stay warm, like massaging his body, wrapping him up in a cotton pillow, and also putting him in the sun as much as possible. It was particularly hard during winter, since they had to do more routines then before. Pavlo needed to sleep in a hot water bowl every night in a drawer, and when the water turned cold, he went into the family’s bed for warmth. All this was really hard on the family, but that was what they had to do to keep the marmoset warm. The Black Plague was a major event that took place during the medieval period for most of Europe. This deadly sickness killed around 200 people in a day, and around 1.5 million people in total. There were two general plagues that were around the period, the bubonic and pneumonic plague. The bubonic plague was the most common one found in the time, and it had nasty affects to your skin and health. The pneumonic was not as widespread, but it also was life-taking. The plague mainly affects the peasants in medieval times, because they didn’t know how to treat the plague due to lack of education, and terrible hygiene meant they were most likely to receive this infectious disease.
The main reason for the plague was caused by flees and rats. These animals spread the illness to nearly all of Europe, killing countless people and wiping out civilization. There was a cycle of how the plague was spread. First, the flea would drink the rat’s blood that had been infected by contagious soil, and this caused bacteria to multiply in the flea’s gut until the gut was clogged with bacteria. Finally the flea bites a human, which regurgitates their blood into an open wound, and the victim is infected. The lack of hygiene meant that the rats would multiply, and the plague could be spread nationwide.
The dirty towns helped to extend the plague all around Europe. The filth all around the cities and towns, made it possible for the plague to be extremely infectious. The dirty towns helped the rats multiply and extend to infect more fleas, which they infected humans. Due to the fact that the citizens were not educated, they did not know how to stop it. They kept on doing unhygienic activity day after day. Some examples were throwing rubbish out on the streets, not taking showers, and urinating and excreting in lakes and oceans.
The main consequence for a polluted living style was people getting killed. Millions of people were killed during the plague, and each…