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They say not to go back to your ex...that its like reading the same line in a book ten times..
Maybe you read that line again and again because you've never felt that feeling with any other line you've read. Or that line cans tell you how you're feeling...just by how you're holding the book.. That's what it is for me.. With you. You know how I feel just by the set of my shoulders, and jaw, the way I'm holding my hands. I go back again and again because I've never felt the way I do with you.. With anyone else. And I miss you, for gods sake! I miss you!
"An Angel; Not a Ghost"
A rope necklace, a razor's sting these are the things that haunt a little girl's dream gone are ballet slippers of the past here is a darkness that's fading in fast.
A crimson bracelet, and fuzzy brain, one of these poisons will dull the pain.
Her family can't hear her.
Her friends fail to try.
How is it this angel is wishing to die?
A corset of ribs, no ribbons to see she starves for attention, she hopes to break free.
Her mind is a prison, her life is a war.
Is this what her best friend lived and died for?
Whispers and glances are her shadow now, they follow her, turn her into a clown.
She folds her hands after crossing her chest night after night, she's praying for death.
Her virtue is gone now, she's empty inside she laid on her back, and a piece of her died.
She hears in the hallway, his tale of that night.
He lies, says she never put up a fight.
The pills don't numb her.
The cuts aren't the…