Student: Lie and God Essay

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SKIT- Cristaddict
Drug addict- (walks towards a “drug dealer”) Hey man, you got the good stuff?
Dealer- yeah I got good stuff
Drug addict- got anything new? The old stuff doesn’t do anything for me anymore, I need something strong, something to give me a good time and make me happy, I need the ultimate high to get my mind off my worthless life, I got no job, no friends, I got nothing, nothing makes me happy, so… you think you got something that can make me happy?
Dealer- you’re lucky I got just the thing for you, it’s been around for a long time, but it’s something new for me, and let me tell you I got hooked, It’s the ultimate high, It makes you feel good, It gives you piece of mind, it makes you alive, It gives you strength, Once you get hooked on what I got, your whole life changes and you become new person, a better person. What makes it even better is that once you start taking it, the supplier himself gets to know you and makes sure to hook you up with more than enough of what you need and the supply is never ending.
Drug addict- that sounds great man, but something like that has got to cost more than what I got
Dealer- that’s the best part, someone already paid for it, so it’s free (dealer pulls out bible and gives it to the drug addict, the drug addict looks at the bible in awe and deep thought
Dealer- (looks at camera) I am cristaddict and the high that the word of God offers is a spiritual high, once you accept Christ into your life the bible becomes your instrument to experiencing who God is and what he can do. So if you’re tired of having something that’s temporary and doesn’t help you in the end, then accept Christ into your life and begin to read the word of God, become a cristaddict and trust me you won’t ever want to quit.

SKIT- Portable Podium
Preacher-( behind a podium in church) The word of God is good and is for everyone, church we need start doing work, we can’t be afraid of showing the gospel, HALLELUYAH
~switches to street scene~
(Preachers walking down the street and see’s this young guy checking out girls and with a cigarette in his mouth)
Young man- (as preacher is walking past him, the young man tells his friends) Yo this is life, smoking, chilling and keeping cool, there’s nothing better in life man.( preacher keeps walking past him)
~switches to train bench scene~
(preacher is sitting down next to two people discussing the bible)
Person number 1= yo I was reading the bible and I don’t know man I’m starting to think maybe God does exist.
Person number 2= don’t get sucked in by that lie, religion is fake man, it’s just a fairy tale, come on do u really think someone lives up there in the clouds? If God exist then why is the world the way it is?
Person number 1= I don’t know, it’s just that when I was reading it I felt like the words were coming alive and speaking to me, it’s like it was showing me something I needed to know, but now that you put it that way I guess it is made up, there were some things in there I couldn’t understand too
Person number 2- that’s because it’s made up, forget about it man just do whatever you want to and you’ll be good.
(preacher is sitting next to these people just listening and ignoring what they are saying)
~scene pauses~
Sales person-Has this ever happened to you? You know the word of God, but you don’t like to share it unless you’re behind the podium in your church? Well now we’re introducing the portable podium.(show someone with a podium in their hand) Now wherever you go you can preach and feel important. Just pull out the portable podium and you can feel important wherever you preach and make sure everyone is looking at what great things your doing.
~changes scene to serious scene ~
Sales person- this is silly right? But what else can we do? How else can we motivate you? Many of you know Gods word but you won’t preach it unless you’re in church, unless there’s a vast amount of people around looking at you. When