Essay about Understanding Manganese Element

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My element is Manganese. Johann Gahn found the element in 1774. It was found by heating the mineral pyrolusite in the presence of charcoal. Nearly 90% of all of the manganese produced each year is used in the production of steel. Manganese is added to molten steel to remove oxygen and sulfur is mixed with steel to make it easier to style and work with and to increase steel's strength and resistance to impact. Manganese is also used to give glass a violet color and is responsible for the color of violet gemstones.
Manganese is required in the body to function correctly. Manganese plays a role in our body by keeping our bones strong and healthy, manganese is important in synthesizing fatty acids and cholesterol. Manganese also is needed to keep your blood sugar levels and thyroid functions normal. You also need manganese for healthy nerves, and can protect your cells from free-radical damage. This element can an is used to prevent and treat of manganese deficiency. Also is used to treat weak bones, anemia, and pms.
If you have an excess of manganese you can have serious side effects including symptoms showing signs of parkinson disease such as tremors. Other problems or side effects of too much manganese could be psychiatric illness, mental confusion, impaired memory, loss of appetite, mask- like facial expressions and dull voice. Spastic gait and neurological problems are also problems caused by a too much manganese. Having too much manganese can cause problems such as; fatness, skin problems, glucose intolerance, neurological symptoms, blood clotting, changes of hair color, birth defects, skeletal disorders, and low cholesterol. This element can enter our bodies threw the food and water we eat or drink (consume.) Manganese can also enter our bodies threw the air. Because Manganese is a natural…