Understanding the Meaning of War and Conflicts and their Causes Essay

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Conflict definition:
"A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one." - Oxford dictionary
Conflict is considered to be low intensity, but it lasts longer than wars virtually every time. Conflict can last for many decades. Conflict is often related to cultural and religious issues from hundreds of years ago. It tends to involve irregular fights and it has low intensity attacks in retaliation.they can also be seen as two kids fighting as they try and justify each attack with well they attacked first. Conflicts are more common than war and normally have less causality and don't use up as much resources.

War definition:
"A state of armed conflict between different countries and different groups within a country War is high intensity and hasn't got a very long life span, unlike conflict, as it usually lasts no longer than 6 to 10 years.this is mostly because one side will end up running out of resources and have to give up.Since the cold war it has been less common for wars to start.Wars are considered to be high intensity because of the military resources used to get obtain objectives in a lethal and organised manner. Military action normally comes in form of alliances of nations aswell.

Causes of war and conflict History/Rivalry
History can take part in the cause of war or conflict as some countries may have had a war against each other before which can causes tension between the two for a long time. When it comes to history its is very likely that instead of lots of wars there will be small trades off which then bust out into a war.


Conflicts and wars usually arise when people are unhappy with how they are being governed. The most common conflicts are when a group of people want to be independent from a central government, when their viewpoint isn't represented in the government, or when the government doesn't respect or meet their basic needs. This can then lead to a divide in a country.

Land and resources
Land and Resources can play a big part in causing conflicts and wars as some people will want to fight for e.g. their land back if someone has taken it from them before. an example of this would be the war in Iraq. The war in Iraq started because they rejected the British and American government. They then decided to go to war to get rid of
Saddam Hussein and search for weapons