Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance Essay

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Assessemnet by Sian Walsh

Learning Outcome / Section 1: Understand the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals

AC 1.1 Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation

In order for me to describe the goals and objectives of my organisation I need to understand the difference between the two.

Goals are generally long term intentions or aims that hopefully can be achieved

Goals within my organisation look at where we would continue to strive towards. They are long term aims. They are stated in our professional development plan stating:-
(Appendix 1)

Excellent Welsh medium education
Every pupil to achieve their potential
Effective partnerships across all Welsh
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7 8 9 H.O.Y. 10 and 11 H.O.Y 12 and 13 Support Staff Co Coordinator (Head KS3) (Head of KS4) (Head of KS5) I
Heads of Departments I
Other staff employed at the school

Even though the hierarchy here describes my organisations structure, an Action Centred Leadership Model (Adair 1983) Appendix 2 shows focus on the action centeredness within the leader’s role.
In-order to achieve our organisations goals it is vital that a structure is in place with staffing positions. All staff meets regularly once a week to have a meeting on important information that is relevant to activities within the school. This is usually done by the head teacher. All other matters relating to school development are done within internal departmental meetings held by the middle managers, thus the heads of years. The heads of years meet every morning to focus on targets that are set for children to achieve, and other issues that arise that would call for concern in particular children's wellbeing at the school. All targets or issues that are discussed in these morning meetings would be relevant to give support to these students to t help achieve the goals set by the