Essay about Unit 009 Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

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Gaining attention- I would show them an example of what training was to take place at that session such as how a matrix band should look like when it is set 2. Identifying the object- that this is what they will be able to do by the end of the session, set a matrix band up. 3. Recalling prior learning- I would ask if they have yet set up a matrix band. 4. Presenting stimulus- explain how they will put the matrix band together 5. Guided learning- demonstrate how the matrix band is put together 6. Eliciting performance- ask the students to try and put a matrix band together 7. Provide feedback- at every stage I will inform the learner how they are progressing 8. Assessing performance- ensure that they had correctly put the matrix band together and check it and ask the learner questions in regards to its set up. 9. Enhancing retention/ transfer- summarising what has just taken place and inform what will be in the next training session.
It is imperative that the learners are kept motivated by praise and encouragement, most of the sessions that take place are not kept to lengthy times, and feedback is encouraged to ensure that the sessions have been fun and worthwhile and relevant to their job and fits in with the curriculum laid out for the Dental Nurse award.
An inclusive learning approach allows