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The Public Sector
A public Sector is a publicly owned company that is normally funded through tax and is a big part of the public welfare in the United Kingdom, allowing citizens of the uk, health care and security benefits, this is a non-profit organisation that aims to stay in budget rather than a private sector which strives to make a profit. These businesses include public services such as the army (royal navy), fire services, NHS and the police force.
Private Sector
A private sector business is a privately owned company, that is normally driven by profits and for start-ups aim to break even. There are three different types of private sector organisations, sole trader which is normally self-employed, such as landscapers and plasters and franchise like McDonalds, which sell their brand business structure for a fixed price often offering financial support.
Voluntary Sector
A Voluntary sector organisation is a non-profit organisation normally a do go mission statement, aimed to benefit others often charity but also organisations such as national trust which aims to preserve the British countryside and derelict buildings and uses income to expand rather than keep some profits.
Primary Sector
The primary Sector is the organisations surrounding the process given to producing raw materials and resources the end goal is to produce or manufacture good quality materials are a competitive price and market this too the secondary sector where these materials and resources are delivered to warehouses and factories to be processed into a final product. These include mining companies for natural resources also food and other commodities.
Secondary Sector
The Secondary Sector is the organisations surrounding the process of transforming raw materials gathered by the primary sector into commercial, viable retail products. Example a furnishing company receives wooden planks or logs from a lumber yard, these are then build and carved into furniture, and sanded down and polished into a final product. This is now ready to be dispatched to the tertiary sector this includes retail outlets.
Tertiary Sector
The Tertiary Sector is the organisations surrounding the process, of marketing and selling the final product. This is the last process, where the