UNIT 1 Communication Essay

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P1 identify different forms of communication

one-to-one, groups, formal, informal, between colleagues/professionals and people using services also with professionals and multi-agency working.

Forms include: text messaging, sign language(signing) written, oral, touch, music and drama, objects of reference, arts and crafts and technology.

interpersonal interaction – speech, language (first language, dialect, slang, jargon) non-verbal – posture, facial expressions, touch, silence, proximity and reflective listenin

Communication and language needs and preferences: the individual’s preferred method of communication, eg language, British Sign Language, Makaton, Braille, the use of signs, symbols, pictures and writing; objects of reference, finger spelling, communication passports, human and technological aids to communication, variation between cultures.

Depending on what type person you are communicating with depends on what type of communication you use. It is also extremely important that you make no assumptions about the person, this is in regards to their age, race and gender etc. as a carer, it is important to recognise that cultures or social grouping are different to your own and you must not let your own opinions or thoughts take over from your work as you need to be understanding and appreciate the way they like to be spoken to or how they speak, weather that be more posh than you or more harsh sounding than you, you can’t let people’s choice or needs of communication change the way you view them.

Barriers that can effect communication in a