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For a person to sit for the bar in the state of New York, the person must have graduated with a J.D. degree or completed all work required for graduation. If an applicant admitted on or after January 1, 2015, are required to perform 50 hours of pro bono service before they can be sworn in. This work has to be done during law school or any other time but has to be completed before taking the bar. The bar exam fee for non-attorneys is $250 for applicants qualifying on the basis of a first degree in law from an ABA-approved law school, law office study, or a combination of a first degree in law from an unapproved law school in the United States and practice; the fee is $750 for applicants qualifying on the basis of a foreign law school study. The New York Bar examination is based on New York law and has 5 essay questions and 50 multiple-choice questions. Once passing the bar, the attorney has to continue education which consists of 24 hr per 2 years. Newer attorneys must complete 32 hrs within their first 2 years of being admitted to the bar.

In order to become a licensed attorney in the state of Texas, one must sit for the Texas Bar Exam and pass. The general criteria that must be met includes an age of 18 years or older, U.S. citizenship or legalized natural/resident alien, a J.D. degree (or within 4 semester hours of completing all requirements for graduation) from an ABA-approved law school. There is the availability of exemption of requirements for an out-of-state licensed attorney. There is no provision for a law degree through distance learning, correspondence study, or “external Programs”. There are no residency requirements but registration of law students is required within 60 days of approval into a Texas law school. In the area of character