Unit 2 - Busines Resources Essay

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- P2 - Unit 2 – Task 1 – P2
Sources used in the is a mixture of personal knowledge from working a part time position as a team leader at Sainsbury’s and from information sourced from the BTEC Level 3 WJEC Business studies book.

When applying for this job there are some attributes that you will require in order to ensure that you get the placement you’re after. First and foremost you need to meet the criteria people look for when going about employing people in the workplace; you’ll need to have the following things when you attend your interview: * A decent haircut * You need to look presentable * You need correct posture * You need a good attendance history (either from school or employers * You need to be positive and interested in what’s going on around you
The bullet pointed above is what’s needed when an employer is looking for employability in a person. With presentation and credentials in hand, you’ll need to make sure you have good communication skills, this can be from communicating very well during your interview to answering questions well.
In addition to this you’ll need to ensure you have met the job requirements, for example, if your applying for a manager’s position at a tech store, it would be advised that you have either previous experience or something similar to that, this can be from working on the shop floor as a tech device salesman or being a team leader of a group of people in a tech store. With this employers are also looking for people with personal skills such as communication skills. This can range from employee to employee talk to talking to a customer. In a retail environment talking to customers is more important have as you will be at the forefront of public opinions based on the service you do, ie if you’re not giving a good…