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Job Satisfaction
Timothy Small
Kaplan University

Job Satisfaction

1. Job Security
2. Compensation/Pay
3. Communication between employees and management
4. Career advancement opportunities
5. Meaningfulness of job
When applying for a job, these five reasons are what I looks for first before anything else. They all have importance, but I would say I definitely would go in this order. Each job offers different things, so it is hard to find a job opportunity that can meet all of your needs. Many people have different ways of measuring job satisfaction. Robins and Judge say that Interesting jobs that provide training, variety, independence, and control satisfy most employees which is true because people like having experience to put on their resume. An employee who is satisfied with their job will have better performance, dedication, and charisma to contribute to the workplace.
Job security is the most important aspect of having satisfaction with your job. This basically means as long as an employee does their job to their employees standards, then they will always have a job. I have worked in various jobs where you were always worried about if you would have a job the next day or not regardless of how much of a good job that you do. Having that feeling weighing over you not only will affect your attitude at work, but it will affect you at home as well.
Money is what makes the world go ‘round. Yes, Family is more important than money, but you need money in order to support your family. Having a job where you make 30,000 dollars a year is a lot different than having a job that pays six figures. The more a job offers you the more important and more of an asset you feel you are to your company. People tend to work harder when they know that there work is being recognized. Of course the textbook thinks otherwise. It states “People who earn $80,000 are, on average, no happier with their jobs than those who earn closer to $40,000.”(Robins & Judge, 2013) It might not make them happier per say, but there living experience is drastically different. I know for a fact that I would feel a lot more proud of myself if I was able to drive a BMW rather than a Nissan Sentra.
Have you ever heard the saying “communication is key?” Well it really is, because if a person doesn’t know how to communicate with others then how can you expect to manage them? I actually had this exact problem up until about a year ago. Our manager would not follow through with anything she said she would, and didn’t know how to hand discipline out because she was too afraid of the person’s reaction. Because of this, they started to lose the respect of the staff, which then ending up getting her replaced by... well, me. I communicate with my employees to hear how I can make the environment better every day, and because of this they respect me as a manager. It is important to be able to communicate with all employees and to be able to adapt to their personalities.
Everyone wants to know when they get hired if they are being employed with a company that will be a job, or a career. If people had a choice between the two, they would always pick a career, because that means that even though the career might start at an entry level position, there is always room for advancement. Employees tend to work harder when they know their performance is being evaluated to maybe move up the corporate ladder. Jobs can be somewhat of a dead-end, so people are just working for a paycheck instead of a promotion.
People want to appreciate what they do. Every day I am ready to clock out for my job, I get a sense of accomplishment because I love what I do. What I do on a daily basis helps universities…