Unit 2 P2 Essay

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Unit 2 P2
Individual rights Christi-anne Macisaac
My local walk in centre provides individuals with advice. The walk in centre gives people opportunities to ask questions about their health and wellbeing without being discriminated against due to sexuality, geographical location ect.. They have the rights not to be discriminated against for wanting something their own way, for example an older person asking for their medication to be liquidised as they don’t like tablets.
All individuals have the rights to use the Leisure centre without being discriminated against because of the way they look ect… elderly people may get transferred to the leisure centre to keep their physical fitness on track.
Brook is local places where people between the ages of 11-40 (teenagers-adults) can go to get sexual advice. Teenagers should not be discriminated against for using this service as they may have been raped ect… the staff in brook must not be judgemental, as the people they’re working wit may have come from all different backgrounds. They also have to keep their own opinions to their self, as they signed the code of conduct. Brook also have to keep every piece of information about all the services users confidential, this is a human right.
A nursery school is a place for children under the age of four. This allows the children to get ready for primary school. A variety of young children can attend the nursery schools. The teachers in the nursery must allow the children to do what they want without judging them as they’re only young and don’t really know the rights of their own life yet. The nursery staff should also keep their opinions to their self as people may think that they are trying to persuade and make the children think in a different way. Depending on each child’s culture, ethnicity, family structure, social class, and geographical location they should all be treated the same and not be discriminated against.
The staff at a rehabilitation work with people with any addictions from ODC to a drug addiction. The staff have to keep all information they receive off the services users confidential, as it is each individual’s right to have information about themselves kept confidential. Individuals from all different backgrounds will attend the rehabilitation so the service providers must treat each individual fairly.
At my local hospital…