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In this part of the unit I will describe the main employability,personal and communication skills required when applying for a sales assistant at JD SPORTS.
Is a term given to an applicant who has a variety of skills, qualifications and experience making them employable for a specific job.
Qualifications- So they can have basic understanding of how things work, as it shows they're intellectual to an extent. experience- So they actually know what the job requires doing and how to go about doing the job in a efficient manner. extra curricular- Just something extra to show they are in general a person who likes to spend their time efficiently and stay active, however it is not required but can help make the difference of getting the job. volunteering work- Likewise with the skill set produced by extra curricular activities, volunteering is also a bonus that is not required but can help, as it is a form of experience and shows you are not just looking to work for money but have goals, which as an employer is nice to see as you can see you have employees who are hard working and that will be reliable employees to your organization.
For employability, the Job role of store manager role requires qualifications of at least 5 gcse including maths and English. Experience is necessary as you will be relied on to run the store efficiently at all times, dealing with any uprising situations thoroughly. Extracurricular activities and volunteering work are not compulsory, however these qualities are the type of skills they look for in employees and those who are thorough as possible in each area will be most likely to get the job, especially for a job such as a store manager in jd sports, as they look for people who are involved some sort of activity in the sporting category, as they will be well suited.
Employability skills is a skill I don't entirely have as it’s a skill that has to be mainly gained and developed through experience For an applicant to be employable, thus it will always need to be developed. Employability skills can vary with experience, qualifications and knowledge of products and services- in terms of the job role as store manager it requires great amount of experience as the job is based on organizational skills and responsibilities, and a few qualifications, therefore it is something that needs to be developed in time.
Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life. Many jobs require strong communication skills and socially people with improved communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family.
Communication skills can be seen through three main factors: verbal/non-verbal written listening -VERBAL/ NON-VERBAL Verbal and non- verbal communication is important, as when using professional speech whilst representing a business, through meetings, conferences, or whilst speaking to a customers, gives a good impression for the business as a whole. Non Verbal communication is just as important as with the correct speech, facial expression, hand gestures and body movements allows the audience to gain a judgment on the employees, and how they are able to handle situations in a professional manner. skillset: talking- it is important to be able to talk widely, as it shows you as a person are reachable to different people, in whatever matter; speaking to customers, in conferences etc.
Body language- Body language can make the difference in someone closing a deal and not closing a deal in this a store assistant may be talking to a customer who wants to purchase something however if they're body language is not so welcoming and persuading the customer may feel uncomfortable with making a purchase.
Facial expressions- in the same aspect of being able to make customers, business partners etc. feel comfortable with body language, facial expression is also another non-verbal skill that can help one feel