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Leaflet to compare the similarities and differences of the six documents that I produced on the last task

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Informal letter

To achieved M2 I was asked by my tutor to produce a leaflet on how my document similar and different’

To achieve M2 I will be discussing similarities and differences of the six documents I produced in P2 and P3.
The six documents are:

Formal letter
Minute of meeting
Informal letter

In order to achieve D2 I have to justify the reason why have chosen these documents.
Internal Documents
1) I have chosen an internal letter because; this I believe is a formal way of asking permission and is more respectful. I used a formal letter to send to the principle of the college asking for permission for my Valentine’s party to take place at the Breakspears building.
2) I have chosen memo and sent via email because this is a quicker way of informing people about an event or a party. I used memo via email to be sent to students because is a simple and straight to the point of informing student about any type of information.
3) My group used minutes of meeting because this is the best way to gather a group and discuss any type of work, and is also the best way to share ideas and give opinions about the work. External Documents
1) I used an external invitation card to give to the people who are invited to my Valentine’s party and asking them to confirm their attendance. This I believe is a good way to remind the people who are invited to my party.
2) I used business letter which was sent to Curry’s and Game station asking for donated items for my valentine’s party. This I believe is a respectful way of asking for donated items and providing information about my party.
3) I used flyers to inform students around the college . The flyers provide information about the party that will take place at the Breakspeare Hall and more information about my valentine's party for example activities and the prizes to be won for my valentine’s party.

External letter
It is a document used to business to business or business to customer. It request to be written with professionalism. It represents who you are so for that reason it needs