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Exercise 3.1.1
There would be too much interference, and there would be no control of the airwaves that wireless networks adhere to. Since we are so focused on the technology that we cannot live without, it would be very frustrating and the technology would not work properly.
Exercise 3.1.2
Another example would be the OSI model. It makes it easier by actually showing the process.
Exercise 3.1.3
Physical, Data, Link, Network, Transport, Session, and Presentation
Exercise 3.1.4
If the model is too general, then you would not be able to completely understand it. If it were too granular, you still would not be able to understand it.
Exercise 3.2.1
The way we see or input data.
Data is returned or input into the devices.
Communication to the network is opened.
Network is sending or receiving data.
Where the data is.
Data Link
Opens the connection to the network to send or received.
Wired or wireless connector.

Exercise 3.2.2
TCP Header/Data
IP Header/TCP Header/Data
Mac and LLC Headers/IP Header/TCP Header/Data
Exercise 3.2.3
The data receives different headers so the next device knows how to handle that data.
Exercise 3.2.4
The transport layer is the highest used layer. The first layers are data input. The device could care less about what the data is, it just cares about routing.
Exercise 3.3.1
The TCP/IP application layer (layer 4) is the same as layers 5 (session), 6 (presentation), and 7 (application) of the OSI model but ignores layers 5 and 6. Layer 3 (transport) of the TCP/IP model is the same as layer 4 (transport) of the OSI model. Layer 2 (internet) of the TCP/IP model is the same as layer 3 (network) of the OSI model. Layer 1 (network interface) of the TCP/IP model is the same as layers 1 (physical) and 2 (data link) of the OSI model.
Exercise 3.3.2
The internet layer
Exercise 3.3.3