Unit 4 Assignment 1 AD Design Replication Scenario Essay examples

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AD Design Replication Scenario
Since the two new branch offices will be directly connected to main office you can configure hub and spoke topology and configure the replication schedule as per requirement. I would also recommend in hub site to have minimum two DC for redundancy. In the event of failure if second DC does not exist irrespective of OS version AD replication will be down totally. At least in the hub site you should have additional DC if not present.
The first rule of Active Directory design is keeping it simple. Active Directory is very flexible. So flexible that you can design an Active Directory forest that is complex beyond imagination. All Windows Server 2003/08 R2 supports the Active Directory containers of forest, domain, site, and organizational unit (OU). With the only real restriction of one forest per namespace, you can deploy as many domains, sites, and OUs as you deem necessary.
To run a replication topology in multisite network, it should be run off of Inter site Topology Generator. This will allow you to replicate between the two new offices. There are three attributes to control the behavior of replication traffic over the site link: cost, schedule, and frequency. Assigning a cost to a site link object allows the administrator to define the path that replication will take. The schedule of the site link object determines when the link is available to replicate information. A site link’s frequency determines how often information will be…