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Midterm Exam 2
The History of Criminal Investigative Techniques

Kelly Boone
December 16, 2014

Begin your paper with an introduction. The active voice, rather than passive voice, should be used in your writing. For this section, state how you would identify and discuss investigative techniques created and used by some of the pioneers in law enforcement.
Historical Perspectives on Investigative Techniques
Answer the first question in this section (How did August Vollmer and other pioneers in law enforcement contribute to the development of criminal investigative techniques?
Investigative Techniques
In this section I would suggest listing four techniques, and describing how they impact police operations. Consider using Level 2 headings here (level 2 headings are used in APA- you can research them if you are unsure how to use them or you can look at the Level 2 headings I used in the first paper). Be sure to CLEARLY identify each investigative technique so I know what you are talking about and describe how it impacted police operations. This section will likely be the longest section in your paper and may contain outside sources.
Investigative Techniques and Society
Describe in your own words where you think society would be without these techniques and which of these techniques is most important to you. Why?

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