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Unit introduction:
-Travel and tourism is a big part of everyday life. Everyone travels in this day, whether it’s for work or leisure, and the travel and tourism industry is very interested by most of the UK. This interest has been broadcasted by media and in a lot of particular travel and tourism television shows. There has been a rapid growth across all the travel and tourism. Travel and tourism is the one of the largest sectors to work in. Here are the statistics of tourism in different countries:

-Outbound; Out of the UK, travelling from UK to destination e.g. Spain or France
-Inbound; In to the UK, travelling to the UK from a destination e.g. Spain or France
-Domestic; Travel in your home country for example travelling around the UK

Travel and tourism components:


-List the 10 different types of Accommodation:
1. Hotel
2. Motel
3. Guest House
4. B&B (Bed and breakfast)
5. Apartment
6. Villa
7. Chalet
8. Hostel
9. Cottage
10. Holiday Parks

-Describe the 1*-5* facilities
1* -Simple and practical, usually not very good service and poor rooms.
2* -Well-presented and well run, better customer service but stills lacks very good rooms
3* -Good quality of service comfort, better run by the organization
4* -Well-presented throughout, thought given to rooms and to the service given to the customers
5* -Degree of luxury, the have thought of the service and rooms with adding the luxury for example spa’s

-How do they grade accommodation?
Grading means inspecting accommodation and grade according to a set of criteria, this gives a clear indication of quality and comfort for that accommodation and gives more business for the people that own for that hotel

-Describe serviced + non- serviced accommodation
Serviced accommodations are cleaned by someone other than you for example a maid this person would work with the organization.
A non-serviced accommodations is when you have no one working with the organization for example cleaning and cooking, these are done by the people who stay in these places
-Describe 3 different accommodations:
Hotels usually have people to work for example maid and cooks, these are usually graded and are the most popular to stay at, an example of a popular hotel is either The Hilton, The Celtic Manor and other places which have big names.
B&B’s are different from hotels as these are usually stayed in for one night, and are usually found near motorways. People usually stay in these to rest from a big journey. These aren’t usually graded but still very popular for travellers.
Caravans are different to both of these, there usually used to go to different parts of a country as a holiday destination without paying for a hotel or motel. These are non-serviced and usually found in Holiday parks.

-A paragraph for research on the Hilton chain, with images.
Hilton is one of the biggest and largest hospitality hotels. It has been running for nearly 100 years which makes it the most wanted to stay in for travellers and different industries want to work with this organization. It is known around the world and has many different hotels set up in different countries for example America and the UK. Conrad N. Hilton began with a 40-room hotel in a small Texas town in 1919 and the Hilton is known in nearly 10 countries. They have expanded massively. They have a vision and a mission there vision is “To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” And there mission is “To be the preeminent global hospitality company - the first choice of guests, team members, and owners alike.”
The Hilton stands for Hospitality Integrity Leadership Teamwork Ownership Now
Hilton Worldwide is an American global hospitality company. It is owned by the Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. As of August 2012 Hilton owns 3,897 hotels with over 642,000 rooms in 91 countries.

Non-serviced Accommodation
Haven is a non-serviced accommodation as it's a caravan site and the person who stays in