United Arab Emirates and Inner Voice Essay

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Last chance
A sun rose at dawn, and it was coming behind the Persian Gulf. Light knocked the window of my room, and birds were starting to sing. It showed me time of going to the place where would change my life. I got out of the bed and put on my formal clothes. I would be ready to go down stairs and ate my breakfast in the hotel’s lobby in Dhabi Emirates.
“I wrote everything that I need in the piece of paper, but I can’t find it. Where did I put it? Perhaps it is in my pocket,” my inner voice said.
When I was eating my breakfast, I checked all of documents that I should bring with myself to US consulate in the Abu Dhabi. I knew that it was my last chance for my interview. My watch alarm stared to ring; it remembered me a bus left here in 15 minutes. So I had to hurry up because I didn’t have enough time.
A cool breeze was blowing, and a crow started to call me from the top of tree in the street. Perhaps it wanted to say something to me.
“It is telling me some news that will happen very soon. What do you think that they are good or bad news?” my inner voice asked.
When I was walking fast to arrive to the bus station, I thought about my last night’s dream. I couldn’t sleep enough because I had a lot of stress for this interview.
The color of sea changed to black and tried to take me. I swam very fast, but it wasn’t enough. It came to drown me, and I couldn’t to do anything. I only screamed to get help from someone, but no one was there.
The morning started when I got in the bus. Inside the bus, I had enough time because it is three hours driving to arrive Abu Dhabi, so I thought about something that happened to me in last two months. My first interview wasn’t approved because some of my documents were incomplete, so I came back Iran to complete them. The second one was cancelled because my flight had delay, and I couldn’t be there on time. “You have only one more chance to get your green card; if you aren’t be here on the date I give you right now, you will miss it forever,” the consulate said. Most of people believe something that they worship and get help from them in emergencies. It gives them special power to solve their problems. This is good, but it is better never to forget your hope and do more efforts to get your goals. Also, I believe everything is by design; that reminds me this conserve: “Renaissance printers sculpted a world with letters designed in human proportion: alphabets shaped by perspective, the golden section-even classical mythology,” Sabrina Dalla Valle, a published poet and academic writer. Warm breeze started to blow when I was in front of US embassy. My hands were shaking and also a vibration came to my voice. I decided to get out of this nerves by breathing deep. “If my body is a car, what would be my mind? Perhaps it is…