United States and American Dream Immigrants Essay

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The United States is always the one to help when foreign countries are in need of assistance. Opening doors and opportunities for anyone. However, not all people are welcomed under certain circumstances. They desire a better life, jobs, education, and social freedom. Itching to live the American Dream immigrants find ways to enter the “Promise land”. Dealing with this as a country, the United States work harder and spend more trying to keep illegals out and protect our country from any illegal activities. They face the harder regulations, always being careful. If one was to mess up or break a rule, it was back to the homeland they came from. No matter where one is from,

Undoubtedly, living the life in Mexico can be great; however, there are many downfalls. In America, whether illegal or not, people are allowed to speak their opinions. Having that social freedom can lift a big barrier off ones shoulders. Coming from a country where the wrong answer will lead you to death and shame on your family is no jail time. No one sees; there fore, no one speaks. In America, migrants are able to speak whatever they like without being punished. Even speaking at a political campaign or taking a vote against something counts as a slit in the throat. So keeping everything to oneself is the safest route to go. Be Careful what you Tweet (2011) stated: But the chill on freedom of expression is now extending into cyberspace. Yesterday morning commuters discovered the tortured bodies of a young man and woman strung up from a footbridge in Nuevo Laredo, a northern border city that has seen heavy fighting linked to the drug wars. Near them was a mis-spelled notice threatening: This will happen to all the gossips on the Internet. (para.3)
Feeling scared everyday is not the life one wants to live. Many reasons of why people migrate to the US. From the migrants perspective-escaping violence is the best freedom they can get. Consequently, natural born citizens fear the unknown of the newcomers. How would one know if they're coming to live a better life? It could be a big drug cartel that is trying to find a source to transport illegal items. The United States has put tons of federal tax money towards the 2000-mile border that stretches along our homeland and top-notch security devices. The government has to hire and train more people each month. Today the US spends nearly 10x as much as they did back in the 1993. As immigrants enter they find ways to obtain fake documents, social security cards and file insurance claims. Many employers in the US will quick glance the documents and have the migrant work the floor at that moment. As a country that contributes everyday this angers the US and especially the IRS. America won't turn people away with legal papers to be in the US. However, visas expire and no one leaves or reapply, it can get ugly. Nonetheless, working hard eight hours and only making $10 a day isn't enough to support a family. No family wants to put their child out to work at a young age; however, that’s the only way they can make a living in their country. Migrants see a job in the US as an opportunity. Even if they are paid below minimum wage they are still happy. Chapman (2013) stated: When a relatively poor country whose jobs pay little shares a long border with a rich one whose jobs pay much better, many of those in Country A will migrate to Country B -- even if it means they must pay large fees to criminal smugglers, risk death in crossing, do dirty and unpleasant work and endure the constant danger of being arrested and evicted.
Jobs with harsh working conditions, heavy lifting, and low pay are accessible to migrants. They would work the same job duties back at home except getting paid more. The US is rising in the industrial power so jobs will always be around for them. Many don’t understand the concept that they are only trying to make a better living. As a result, many of the jobs taken by