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In the current society, it is undeniable that university education plays a key role in our lives. However, the issue of whether practical skills are significant to university students has aroused heated debate. Several individuals believe that students only need to study theoretical knowledge while others indicate university should provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace. In my view, I agree with the second opinion.
On the one hand, there is no doubt that practical skills are necessary for university students. To start with, students could cultivate interpersonal relationship while learning skills. For example, as youth today tend to be selfish and self-involved, developing team work skills in learning could help them to know how to cooperate with others. Moreover, learning skills enables students to stay in touch with society. To be specific, students could get much social and work experience while learning practical skills within a group, which employers really care about. Lastly, practical skills are more desirable in current day life. Therefore, before entering the university, students mainly learn the theoretical knowledge in school so practical skills are vital for students in order to adapt to independent living that starts once in university
By contrast, some others may claim that it’s useless for a university to teach practical skills. The reason for this is that it may influence the learning of their academic knowledge. Obviously,