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North vs. South Contrasting Essay During the 1860's there were many differences between the north and the south in the United States. The geography, climate, ways of transportation, economy, population, and culture were among some of the differences.
A big difference between the north and south was the geography and climate.
The north has warm summers and harshly cold and snowy winters. The landscape is quite rocky and hilly and the growing season is short. The north is not generally great for farming in large amounts. Most rivers are quick, shallow and hard to navigate. The south has long, hot summers and mild winters. The south's growing season is long and it rains often, which makes the south ideal for growing many kinds of crops in large amounts. The rivers in the south are large, slow moving, and easy to navigate.
The economies in the north and south were very different. The northern economy was made up of many industries including shipping, textiles, lumber, furs, and mining.
Manufacturing was a part of the north that the south didn't have. Agriculture was the biggest industry by far in the south. Cash crops such as cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo were grown in mass amounts and then sold to other countries. The most profitable and most grown crop for the south was cotton. Southerners grew over one million bales of it in 1835.
The north and south had societal differences and this further proved there was major differences between the two sides. The northern cities had public services such as education. Cities were important centers for art, culture and education. Most cities

had newspapers and bookshops. There were also things to do such as dancing, card playing and theater. In the south, planters were the upper class. These people were gentlemen and ran the political and economical aspects of the south. In the south some activities included fox