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USA, the Multiracial Community Vietnam, a small country of Asia, was the place that I was born. I used to live in Vietnam about 16 years, and Vietnam is such a beautiful country. Everyone looks the same, and people speak one language. Three years ago, my family and I have a chance to reunite with the big family from my mom’s side. I realize that living in a community where there are people of various races could be a rewarding and an exciting experience. The USA is such a community that is like a small world with many types and races people in it. Everyone, no matter young or old, enjoys listening to stories about people from the other lands. We read books and newspapers to learn about the habit, custom, and beliefs of people who do not belong to our races, but when we live in a community composed of many races, we have the opportunity to meet and talk with people of various races. We can lean about their custom and beliefs directly from them. In this way, we have a better understanding of their way of life. For example: United State, and Britain, which are known as multiracial countries, Americans, African Americans, Asian, Mexican, Indian, and many types of different races had lived together for several decades. They have learned a lot about the cultures of one other, more than what they could have learnt by reading books or researched on newspaper. By living together, they have also absorbed many of the habits of one another to their common benefit. Further, living in a multiracial community teaches us how to respect the view and beliefs of people of other races. We learned to be tolerant, to understand, and appreciate the peculiarities of those who are not of our race. In this way, we learned to live in peace and harmony with foreigners whose way of life is different from ours in several respects. We become less suspicious of strangers and foreigners. People could eat many different foods from other countries; as a result, there are many restaurants had built like: Vietnamese restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Thai restaurants…, by this way, people will be more understand about the habit of other races, and people could learn how to make other races’ food. The relationship that develops among the people from common understanding in a multiracial community makes life in such a community of exciting. Any celebration of any races becomes a celebration of all other races. Thus, there are a