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Introduction System Requirements ­ How to open the website for editing
­ How to add an image
­ How to add a map
­ How to add/Remove and image from the gallery
­ How to add sound to the website
­ How to add a video
­ How to add the rollover effect
­ How to upload the website
­ How to change the size of the images
­ How to change the text colour Introduction I have chosen to create this user guide as I want to show the client a few of the step that I have taken to make the website. So that if they wanted to make any changes or adjustments to any of the features of the site that they don’t agree with. Most of the features on the website can have changes made to them at any time. As soon as I have given the website over to the client, it will be their duty to make any future changes to the site. Like for example if the theatre have an event that is coming up in the feature.

System Requirements Before my client can even customise their website, they will need to have the right software.
I have used both the Textwrangler and Dreamweaver Software in order to create the website. The client will need to make sure that they use the right version of both softwares or else the documents will not display. Windows 1GHz or Faster Processor
Microsoft XP with Service Pack 2 ( Service Pack 3 recommended) or Windows Vista Home
Premium, Business, Ultimate or Enterprise With Service Pack 1 (Certified for 32­it Window
XP and Window Vista). 512 MB of RAM 1 GB of Available Hard Disk Space for Installation; Additional Space Required During
Installation (Cannot Install on Flash­Based Storage Devices)
1280x800 Display with 16­bit Graphic Adapter.

DVD­ROM Drive. Broadband Internet Connection Required for Online Services WIndows 7 Compatible.

Mac OS PowerPX G5 or Multicore Intel Processor
Mac O5 X v10.4.11­10.5.4
512MB of RAM 1,8 GB of Available Hard Disk Space for Installation; Additional Free Spacerequired During installation (Cannot Install on a volume that uses a Case­Sensitive File System or a
Flash­Based Storage Devices). 1280x800 Display with 16­bit Graphic Adapter DVD_ROM Drive Broadband Internet Connection Required for Online Services

You will also require a browser to preview the website, these include the following ­ Safari
­ Internet Explorer
­ Google Chrome
­ Mozilla Firefox


1) How To open The Website For Editing If you’d like to edit the website, you will need to firstly locate the files. This image on the right shows you that I have named the folder in which the work is for the “The Little Theatre”.

When you click on the folder it will come up with other different folders inside it, you’ll need to click on the one which says “HTML/CSS” As soon as you’ve click on this folder it will give you different filenames which relate to the pages on the actual site.

As soon as you find the page which you would like to view/edit you will need to right click on the file which will leave you with a dropdown menu, which you will hover the mouse over
‘Open with’ Then you’d either chose from adobe Dreamweaver or TextWrangler.

When you’ve opened up using Textwrangler, The filename will appear on the left of the
Textwrangler tab. The More files you open on the software the more little file names will appear on the left.


2) How to add an image Before adding an image on to the website, you will need to ensure that the image is saved under the right folder, or else the image will not appear when you upload the website.