How Do The Two Ucb's Strategic It Plans Compare Against The Baldridge Criteria For Assessing Strategic Planning?

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ITM -580 Strategic Planning for IT
Dr. Wendy Wang
Spring 2012
Name: Laura Gong
Module 1- Strategy and Strategic Planning
Case Assignment 1: "How do the two UCB's strategic IT plans compare against the Baldridge criteria for assessing strategic planning?"

The importance of strategic planning is just as important as having a foundation and a framework to a new house. Without it, it will either partially be complete or eventually crumble. Strategic planning helps to not only complete short term goals of a company or organization, but most importantly invest time into successfully complete long term goals and to continue to grow in the long run. It is a design that will lay out
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Both UC’s are able to deliver a strong mission when it comes to their strategic planning which is important when setting the standards for their organization and not only solidifying their foundation, but how they will deliver all missions in order to reach the finish line and beyond! For example, UC Boulder precisely states, “ ITS’ mission is to provide and promote an IT service and support organization, in partnership with departmental IT units, enabling the creation, management, and dissemination of information to advance the campus’s teaching, learning, and research, as well as providing effective leadership and IT solutions for the campus.” UC Berkeley states, “…identifying current and emerging trends and related IT needs for the critical areas of research, teaching and learning, student experience, and administration...” Both statements are very brief but direct in their approaches and that is to take IT technology to a greater level but to ensure students/customers able to make great use of the technology promoting both technologic and customer success and satisfaction. In addition to a strong mission objective is making risk decisions or intelligent risk making. In this concept, it is important to take on challenges with the potential of success outweighing the loss. According to the article Insights on the Road to Performance Excellence,
“…taking a risk when the potential gain outweighs the