A Brief Note On Utility Installation Requirement

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Utility Installation Requirement
Matthew Dameron
ITT Technical Institute
Professor Jay Keith

Utility Installation Requirement
When improving a site, it is important to compare municipal requirements for utilities with the utility company requirements. One must also determine any additional requirements from the municipality, which includes the city or township as well as the county. Florida Power & Light (FPL) is an energy provider with a demonstrated record of environmental excellence. Since Florida is home to many environmentally protected wetlands and endangered species, some construction projects may require special permitting (FPL, 1996 - 2014). To ensure environmental regulations are met, FPL has specific guidelines:
FPL Assessment/ Permits before Construction
FPL will perform a preliminary environmental assessment for their equipment on their first field visit to the construction site. If there are environmentally sensitive areas an environmental consultant will perform a full assessment.
If FPL must obtain environmental permits, FPL cannot proceed with construction without a permit if one is required.
If the project requires an environmental permit, FPL may not need to obtain a separate permit if their facilities are included on the permit application plans.
Developer Plan/ Requirements before Construction
When applying for a water management district permit, include FPL’s system design in the engineering plans.
FPL is not allowed to install equipment in, on or under conservation easements. If conservation easements are created after the FPL design is completed, FPL requires that the design be changed to avoid those areas.
If FPL must cross state lands or waters to serve the project, an easement will be required from the State of Florida.
FPL Requirements during Construction
Below are some possible environmental requirements that FPL may be required to complete:
Install environmental controls, which must remain in place until the soil has stabilized
Use construction methods that protect the environment, but may slow the progress of the job
Construct equipment with special framing, such as bird discouragers or special insulation on electric poles, to protect bird species. May look different and require taller poles to accomplish
Postpone construction if the new construction is within 1,500 feet of an active eagle’s nest, while the nest contains eggs or young (FPL, 1996 - 2014).
Construction Checklist
Include FPL on all permit application engineering plans/drawings
Secure authorization for crossing of conservation easements from the water management district, if required.
Include FPL as a participant on any federal, state or county environmental permit applications.
The Broward county code of ordinances prohibits unauthorized activities on any Broward County property. Subject to the requirements set forth in the Broward county code of ordinances, no utility may be placed on, in or over any Broward county property without the utility company entering into a utility license or other agreement with Broward County. Telecommunications providers shall not be required to enter into a license agreement with Broward County but must comply with all applicable requirements, as set forth in Chapter 20, Article XX of the Broward county code of ordinance (Broward County, Florida, Code of Ordinances, 2014).
All work must be performed by properly licensed personnel and comply with all rules, regulations, and policies of all Federal, State, Broward County and other local agencies having jurisdiction. Contractors and all utilities must adhere to the appropriate sections of submittal requirements.
All materials and each portion of the work are subject to inspection by the county. Broward County has no responsibility to insure that other