Vaccines: Immune System and Vaccine Essay

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A Major Problem with Vaccines


One problem about vaccines is that they have been linked to certain diseases developed by children. Although the chances of a child developing these side effects are very slim, if a child develops symptoms from a vaccine they could prove fatal. The risk of these diseases is something to be extremely cautious about. A solution to this problem would be to thoroughly test and retest each batch of the vaccine to make sure that it is one hundred percent safe. Doctors should also test the patient receiving the vaccine to make sure that they do not have any immune deficiencies that could cause them to have a reaction to the vaccine.
This issue with these vaccine side effects is a big one, because the lives of children are at stake. These side effects can be extremely detrimental to the development of children, possibly even causing death. Studies have shown that kids with immune deficiencies are at a higher risk to react to vaccines and contract their side effects. Although these reactions are rare, they are very serious. If a child becomes sick do to a vaccine it not only affects him or her, it affects everyone around them too. For example, it affects their entire families because if a child contracts a disease from a vaccine it could kill them. It would be very hard for their parents to watch them get sick and slowly get worse and worse not knowing if their own child will make it to see the next day or not. If a child comes down with a disease as a result of a vaccine it also affects the medical world because then people start to become skeptical about vaccines and the ability of the doctors administering the vaccine. The aftermath of these rare cases is one of chaos and horror. It leaves many parents nervous and scared to get their children vaccinated because even though these cases are rare, they do happen and it could be their child next. Right now there is a solution that is in place but it is obviously not working correctly since these cases still show up. These vaccines go through tougher safety tests than other pharmaceutical products, but there are still some faulty doses that get through these tests. So it is working, but it is not working well enough to completely prevent these cases. Coming up with ways to prevent these cases is obviously of great importance to doctors, scientists, and the millions of parents worldwide. The best way to prevent these cases with vaccines is to do extensive research and testing on each and every vaccine that is produced for real world applications. Once scientists develop a new dose of vaccines, it should thoroughly be tested and retested multiple times to make sure that it is same for each distribution. Also all children receiving the vaccine should be required to have blood work and tests done to make sure that the child does not have any type of immune deficiency or health issue that could raise the chances of them getting these side effects from the vaccine. After the vaccine is implemented into the child, he or she should be required to come back within the next few days to have a check-up to make sure that the vaccine is not affecting them in any serious ways. This is possibly the safest way to ensure that children will not have a lethal reaction to the vaccine and that they will continue to lead a healthy and disease free life. Also there should be some sort of law in place that holds the scientists and doctors responsible if something happens to a child that they could have prevented. If a child contracts a disease from vaccination do to a doctor or scientist error, that person should be held accountable. This would help because no one wants to be responsible for causing a child to contract a…