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In recent years parents and doctors have begun to argue whether vaccinations for children are a necessary part of a healthy society or if these immunizations are outdated in present day America. A recent outbreak across the United States has the debate about vaccines fueled. Many parents believe that they should have the freedom to choose whether or not their children should be vaccinated but many doctors and health officials are claiming this should not be a freedom anymore, disease is serious and people must be vaccinated. According to a study done by the CDC 90% of infant’s age 19 to 35 months have the seven recommended vaccinations (Immunizations). This still leaves another 10% of babies that do not get vaccinations. Dr. Gilberto Chavez of California is asking parents who chose not to vaccinate their children to stay away from Disney Land because of a recent measles outbreak there that started in January (Evans). According to CBS News, the outbreak is believed to be caused by unvaccinated children, and the measles virus is quickly spreading to other parts of the country as far away as New York according to an article by ABC News (Lupkin). People should vaccinate their children because if they do not the viruses are more likely to spread across the globe. The strand of virus that has broken out through the United States is originally from the Philippines, and was most likely brought to America by unvaccinated travelers (Lupkin). If citizens are not vaccinated they become easy targets for diseases, and as more people catch the disease it is more likely for a vaccinated person to become infected. Most medical officials call this method of vaccinating “protecting the herd” (Community). Doctors also advise American citizens to vaccinate their children because of the treatment cost of sickness. The CDC estimates that approximately $295 billion was saved in direct treatment costs from vaccines alone (Gholipour). This not only saves the citizens directly money but it also saves the United State government money. The government saves money when people get vaccinated because more people can work and do not need to receive their Social Security benefits until they pass the age requirements. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that the government saves nearly $1.28 trillion in costs because the rate of disability and early death related to vaccines are going down (Velez). The United States needs to have a healthy, working society in order to stay a power and productive nation and according to many doctors across the nation the key to success is to have citizens vaccinated. By contrast many parents do not agree with the recent push to have their children vaccinated. One reasons parents do not want their child to be vaccinated is the chance of an allergic reactions. According to the Centers for Disease Control 1 in 5 children have severe swelling of their arm or leg after receiving the Varicella vaccine, which is more commonly known as the vaccine for chickenpox. Although a swollen arm or leg is not life threating other vaccinations can have other serious adverse reactions. The Adenovirus vaccine leaves 1 in 100 people with blood in urine or stool and can even be as severe as causing pneumonia in children (Possible). These side effects from vaccines are believed to be from the amounts of unnatural ingredients in vaccines and inconclusive testing methods. The FDA and CDC have had to recall as many as half of the released vaccinations and drugs because of the unexpected reactions that happened in the public. Although the FDA requires a minimum of 10 years of testing spent on each new drug, there is still an incredible amount of faulty testing happening and although 10 years may seem like a long time to be testing a single drug. 10 years is only 14% of the average person’s life, and the vaccinations that are put into that person will affect them their whole lives. Scientists cannot tell someone what will happen to a child…