Valentine's Essay

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We made chocolate strawberries for Valentine’s Day. I came up with this idea because the video on YOUTUBE (URL: inspired me. The chocolate symbolizes romance, sweet, and love; therefore the chocolate strawberries are a good reflection of Valentine’s Day. This inspiration was extremely successful, because we not only tasted strawberries in class, but also brought them to our love (including family members). Almost everyone felt the romantic atmosphere, which is one of the primary purposes of this lab, from our chocolate strawberries. We used chocolate and strawberries in this lab. The chocolate contains a lot of fat and sugar, which are two major unhealthy factors to our diet, mentioned by Ms. K in Wednesday class. To improve this, we may use dark chocolate instead of the regular, because the dark chocolate also creates a very romantic atmosphere, and has the content of less fat and sugar. Strawberries are very healthy to us. They are low in calories and fat but rich source of minerals and vitamins (especially vitamin C, B-6) that are essential to lives. Personally, I think dark chocolate and fresh strawberries would be a better pair. Because of the availability of food and the easy, interesting making process, to make those chocolate at home is a good idea. However, the food can be made in few certain days, like Valentine’s Day, and it’s not suitable for anytime. This is the limitation of the food. On the other hand, we can