Value and Trek Across Maine Essay

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Identity and Unity

Salutary neglect had lead to England losing control of the American colonies. When England took notice of this it was already too late. After a hundred years of governing themselves, the American colonies would not agree with the sudden interest England had developed for them. This common feeling of oppression was the backbone of the colony’s unity and what drove their independence. By the eve of the Revolution America had a strong sense of independence and unity. Block 1
Trek Across Maine

When I’m eighty, it will be the new experiences and accomplishments that I remember about my life. This is why I chose to ride my bike across Maine, the second time. The first time I took part in the Trek Across Maine I did not have a reason. The Trek Across Maine is a big commitment. Requiring at least a month of training and dedication to raising money. The bike ride is a hundred and eighty miles over three days and everyone that participates needs to raise five hundred dollars. My team as a whole raised 53,659 dollars.
I was not able to ride the whole way on my first attempt. I came ten miles short the first day and had to sit out the second. This was due to a lack of training. Someone else had convinced me to do it, to keep them company. When it came time to train I put in minimal effort because thats how motivated I was. Although I still had a good time, helping set up tents at the finish line, it was humiliating to come short of what everyone else on my team was able to accomplish.
The next year I was determined to do better. I started training as soon as the snow melted. Giving myself more than two months to prepare.