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After taking the VARK questionnaire, this student learned that the read/write strategy work best in studying. This is not surprising as this author has always had to either write study materials down or read it several times. When this student prepares to study for exams or learn new material, she must take notes, write any unfamiliar words or new definitions and read the material over at least twice. The VARK analysis states that read/ write style do better if they study in one or all three ways: intake; swot; and output.
Intake is the ability to take in information by either doing list, headings, readings, notes or definitions. Swot (Study without tears) is to make “a learnable package”. This can be done by reading notes over continuously, writing out words over and over, and taking reactions, diagrams, or charts and changing them into words. The third is output. Output is to perform well in any test assignment or examination. This is done by practicing with multiple choice questions, write info into list and arrange words into hierarchies and points.
Study styles have been evaluated and researched so that educators and professors can have a better understanding of how to teach their students. It has been found that teaching adults can be challenging. Studies have found that adults learn better when they are active in their education instead of just sitting in lectures. Studies have also shown that adults want to be able to participate in their education and be active learners,