Essay on Venture Capital Investment

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Venture Concepts Paper
Marvin Raymond
Fin/375 Financial Management in Small Business

Venture Concepts Paper
There are a variety of watch brands available to the consumer, there is your regular digital watch as well as some that look like rings, uniquely designed watches embroidered in precious stones. The wrist watch has always been a very popular accessory, and is seen as an essential wardrobe piece by some selling them can be quite profitable. There are several ways you can start a watch business and grow it into a successful venture. One who decides to venture into this type of business has an opportunity to benefit and make a good living buying and selling wrist watches from a variety of categories, the way one would profit is by what is referred to in industry as flipping, similar to how a realtor would flip houses. This is an age old rule of buying low and selling high, will allow one the opportunity to become profitable by choosing a variety of categories to sell from high end, low end as well as antique watches and related accessories. Promoting Your New Watch Business
Make no mistake to get the business up and going is without a doubt difficult enough, however the real challenge comes when attempting to grow your business. We are very fortunate to have internet because it will make this online business venture much easier than it ever could have been in the past. This will allow one to have accessibility to a vast consumer base that would supersede any idea of a brick and mortar business. We’re all extremely attached to our cameras, our phones, our computers, out iPads, and there is belief that there’s something charming about owning something analogue, but a really high-quality watch one can wear and enjoy on a daily basis. Valuations and Repairs
The business will also have a service department that will supply resources for maintaining relationships with luxury watch collectors as well as sellers, who are well informed about the market value for all watches enabling customer knowledge prior to a purchase ensuring that they are getting a good deal. Because there are so many expensive watches on the market and many are antiques, there is a considerable market share that applies to watch repair. By hiring an expert trained in