Video Game Violence Essay

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Video Game Violence
“ Guns require a finger to pull the trigger.”­ Rick Perry. For some people like Adam
Lanza and Seung­Hui Cho it was just a mixture of things such as mental illness, fictional video games, and most likely family issues. Video games are not always the main source of the problem, it’s a combination of fantasy and the real world.
To begin with is the fact that Adam Lanza is mentally ill with and has violent masculinity. Here the Huffington Post says this statement about Adam and many more “Adam
Lanza was a broken young man who grew to know and embrace a kind of violent and deadly form of masculinity that we've seen repeated over and over again. To say the least, there are many layers to the tragic reality of boys and men in our country who choose to express their anger and pain with the end of a loaded, semiautomatic weapon.” Thus many men in our

country decide to go on a shooting spree in order to get out their pain and anger, but most know this wrong. People like Lanza and Cho are basically showing the children and teens of today that they think it is ok to kill innocent people when angered. “Pointing a semiautomatic gun at innocent women and children is a sign that you have been failed by society and need help immediately” Again the HuffingtonPost has stated this as a show of if you are thinking about stuff like this ask for help do not act right away. “In 2005, Lanza was diagnosed with
Asperger's disorder ­ an autism­like