Violent Video Games Essay

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Virtual Fantasies Taken to Real Life Violent behaviors have always been an issue in the United States. Recently in the past 20 years massacre violence has spiked. The Columbine High School massacre, the Batman movie theatre, and the Newtown shootings are only a couple of many horrific incidents in recent history. All of these tragic events were seen to be fantasized plagiarism as characters in video games. Scientists are currently trying to figure out the correlation between video games and horrific incidents like these two; could they be related? Specific cause and effect relationship evidence has claimed to be: violent video games can “brainwash” certain vulnerable individuals, and cause them to play out their virtual fantasies in real life. The Columbine High School massacre shocked the nation with horror. Two high school boys walked into the high school with the intent of killing hundreds of their high school peers with knives, guns, and bombs. At the end of the day the boys killed twelve students, one teacher, and the two boys were dead; plus 21 more were injured. The boys were average young boys, they worked together at a local pizza parlor, worried about getting a date for prom and played violent video games together including: “Wolfenstein 3D,” “Doom,” and “Mortal Kombat.” All three of these games they played together are games that involve mass shooting, fantasizing characters and wild journeys against enemy fortresses. The two boys, have been said to be playing out a virtual fantasy adventure during the massacre. Consequently shown there is a direct correlation between the violent video games and horrific incidents like the massacre at Columbine High School. The Newtown elementary school is another great example of a video gamer’s playing out their fantasies in real life and leading to scalding conclusions that shocks the nation. A middle aged man walked into Newtown elementary school shooting six and seven year old boys and girls and six adult teachers. The man used a high powerful rifle with many extra clips to deal maximum damage to the children. Reporters and investigators have after searching his home that he was trying to “One-up” the massacre in Norway that killed 77. Reporters have also concluded that he lived with his mother in the basement, and in the basement was a massive collection of violent video games, coincidence? Evidence shown has stated that there was no suspicion that this 20 year old man was to commit a tragic event like that as he had no criminal record. The only possible explanation for this horrifying event is that the use of video games in this man’s life “brainwashed” him into playing out these virtual fantasies in the real world and…