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Colton Dowling
Reading Journal 4
Judith Thompson
1. How is her "Violinist Analogy" supposed to relate to abortion? The Violinist Analogy relates to abortion, because the violinist’s life is dependent on his use of your kidneys. This is used to represent the dilemma that pregnant women are faced with­ should they get an abortion which would end the fetuses life...or not. Thompson relates how in the Violinist has not been granted the rights to use your kidneys, just as a fetus has not been granted the rights. If the rights were granted, they would have to be given by the mother
(or you for your kidneys) if by anyone, so it is the mother’s right to abortion. 2. What are some objections that could be raised to Thomson's argument in favor of abortion? Thompson paints a picture that seems very clear and relatable. As a male, relating to pregnancy, yet alone the morality, is very difficult. In this light, the symbolism seems to make a lot of sense. However, there are three unresolved arguments with Thompson’s paper: offspring vs stranger, consequences surrounding sex, and intent of action.
Violinist was a stranger not her offspring. The obligations to a stranger are different, perhaps less than that of a child. One does not assume they are letting the panhandler die when they pass by without tossing coin, rather they do not assume the responsibility of killing him. However, if you were to not take due care for your child, forcing them into despair, then the responsibility is on the you. This is the responsibility of the parent. Sex comes with the chance of offspring. If you would like to have sex, then you are like everybody. Everybody want to have sex. {Everybody except my wife­ Ha. old wife joke} When

you have sex you are assuming the risk of conception. You can lessen the risk with contraceptives, but the risk is still there. Its like the apple user agreements, you don’t have to read the agreement, but you are still liable to the agreement­ that a baby is possible. Since you consent to this agreement by engaging in male on female sex, you are liable for that life and responsible for its life.
Intention that the violinist did not use your kidneys is not the intent that he is killed. It is only a side effect that may