My Experience To The Dallas Museum Of Art

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On Saturday October 19, my Uncle Mark and I visited the Dallas Museum of Art. This museum is so large that I knew I would be able to find a piece of art to write about there. I chose this venue because I am not extremely familiar with Dallas yet and I have previously visited the DMA for one of my journal assignments. When we first walked inside everyone was so warm, welcoming and eager to help. I am glad my uncle was familiar enough with the place to help guide me around. There were many beautiful and unusual things to see and after exploring for almost an hour I finally chose a piece of artwork that really stood out to me because of its colors and warmth. “The Visit”, by Alfred Stevens, is an oil painting on canvas that he finished in 1869 of two ladies in what looks like a dressing room. One is sitting on a couch next to a table and looks like she has fallen asleep. Next to the seated woman is another woman standing up looking at her. It looks like she is ready for bed because she is wearing a night robe and came in the room and found the other women asleep already. On the table is an open book or diary with light shining on it so that it is very noticeable. Light is also shining on the neck of the standing woman and stands out too. My eyes seem to move to the brightest things in the picture and then see everything around that spot. Some things make me follow them to something else like the gold trim on the dark walls or the white lacey material in the woman’s robe. I think the painter did this on purpose so the person looking at it would see other interesting things in the painting. Like next to the book there is a bright teal blue vase. After looking at the vase I see the flowers in it. Then my eyes see the gold trim and follow it up the wall and across the ceiling to a gold or brass medallion that has a silk tassel tied to landscape painting. It has a big brass ring that is hanging just above the seated women on the back wall. That all points back down at the table and this time follows the sleeping woman’s arm across to her dress and down to the floor where the cat is. The cat is looking at the standing woman’s shiny slip that is dragging the floor. The white in the robe makes me look back up and I see the bright neck and notice where she is looking. She’s looking at the sleeping woman and then my eyes follow around the picture in a different way. Eventually, I have looked at every little thing in the painting. I even