Waking Life Monologue

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The scene in which I would like to analyze is the white house scene where the main character of the story talks to three different men with three different messages. I would like to focus on the third man. He seems to be a person that the main character knows, since he colloquially asks the man “Hey man, what are you doing here?” I believe the resulting conversation that the main character and the rocker have goes on about lucid dreaming and how most people don’t realize that they are dreaming and how most people are walking through life as if in a dreamlike state or trance is Richard Linklater’s commenting on how people choose to lead their lives. I also see this interaction as his take on how we use the internet and technology that we have …show more content…
The main character says that the dream he was in was absurdist with all these people “going off” all intensely, I think that can be interpreted as an internet chatroom. A place where a bunch of people come and talk about random and sometimes absurd topics that some of them can be aggressively infatuated with. The rocker-esque character’s response can then be interpreted as that you have to take what you read and see on the internet with a grain of salt, apply logic and critical thinking to the subjects that are posed and presented to you and not just accept the rhetoric that is handed to you and move on. He goes on to say that most people don’t add in that bit of logic and critical thinking for themselves and that in turn never learn anything from the experiences or conversations that they have.
I believe that this conversation presented to us by Linklater in 2001 is open to many interpretations and reasoning. My interpretation of it though was that it was an comment on how we use the technology that we take for granted and that we shouldn’t be always attached to it and that we shouldn’t just copy and paste the information that we find there but also apply our own logic and critical thinking to it and learn from what we ingest