Walk A Mile With A Disability

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Walk a mile with a disability
My childhood was not entirely normal, it was a tough stage of my life. I had been experiencing many kinds of rejections in my childhood. I have hearing impaired disability and since I was five year-old I have been using ear aid devices. I remember when I was 5 year-old, I was not actually suffering in that age because actually I did not know how to talk because my parents did not know that I had that disability. More or less I remember my parents and my sisters so worried for me and taking care of me all the time and I did not understand why. Within my childhood, I had to earn my respect that I truly deserved and my honor from the mean kids. Also the things of my childhood were improving while I was growing, I had problems with self-esteem and I had been feeding it with my achievements. Some loved people like my family and teachers had helped me throughout this tough stage.
Since born I have had hearing impaired, my parents did not know until I was five year-old and since that age I have been using ear aids. I did not know how to talk because I wasn’t actually listening before using my ear aids. I did not remember clearly but when I was five year-old before using my ear aids for the first time, I was at my old kinder garden on my recess; my sister Brenda is older than me and she was at the same school and she was attending middle school, my school and hers where together but only divided by oxidized bars. I did not have friends because of my disability and I understand that kids are kind of mean. My sister remembers that sad day because during my recess the bell was ringing because the recess was over and I did not hear the bell and my sister told me that the ring bell was ringing too loud. My sister was actually screaming desperately moving the oxidized bars violently from the other divided side that the recess was over and I didn’t notice it until a teacher came to get me, my teacher really helped me a lot with my talk process and letting me know about sounds I couldn’t hear. My sister and I always get sentimental when we remember that day.

Time after, when I was seven year-old, I could talk and I already had some friends. I have been loving play soccer and when I was seven year-old, at school on recess the kids always started to play soccer even though the day was raining or snowing. Mean children are always there, for me was hard to get picked to be in their teams although the kids had never seen me play soccer, the whole point was because I had been using my ear aids. One day was a cloudy day (I love cloudy days) and I decided to do something about to be picked in their teams because I wanted to play soccer so bad. On recess I was really nervous of what I was going to do about to be picked in their teams, one of the children who was playing soccer threw the old and smelly ball away accidently and the ball softly hit my feet. I took the ball with my feet and I started to walk with the ball and made dialogue to them.
“Try to get the ball” I requested. “Give me the ball, we know that you can’t play” one of the kids responded. “Let’s see if I can’t really play, try to get the ball or are u afraid to be ashamed?” I told him. “Of course not, I am not afraid” he responded.
I was very sure about my skills, and the kid was trying to get the ball off of my feet and I was just evading him, he couldn’t get the ball of me. I even made a trick, the famous tunel (tunnel). The kid who was getting to get the ball of me, he stopped trying to get the ball and the other kids was laughing at the kid who was tricked by me. The other kids were asking me how I did that trick. “It was a lucky trick”