Community Windshield Assessment Essay

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Caring for Populations: Milestone1: Community Windshield Survey Form
Directions: Please refer to the Milestone 1: Community Windshield Survey Guidelines and grading rubric found in Doc Sharing for specific instructions in order to complete the information below. This assignment is worth 150 points. Type your name above and your answers below directly on this form. Click Save as and save the file with the assignment name and your last name (e.g., “NR443 Windshield Survey Form_Smith”). When you are finished, submit the form to the Week 2 Caring for Populations: Windshield Survey Dropbox by the deadline indicated in your guidelines. Your Name: Jennifer Russell Date: March 15, 2015 Your Instructor’s Name: Professor Terry Brennan
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Do you see women with strollers and young children?I did not observe any strollers or pregnant women at this time. There were many small children noted on the playground. (Nies pg. 97) | b. Indicators of social and economic conditions | What is the general condition of the homes you observe? Are these single-family homes or multifamily structures? Is there any evidence of dilapidated housing or of areas undergoing urban renewal? What forms of transportation do people seem to be using? Is there public transit? Are there adequate bus stops with benches and shade? Is transportation to health care resources available?A majority of the homes are very well maintained. But there was a house noted to be older, and not well maintained. It looked out of place between two newer homes with well-maintained yards. All the homes in my view were single family homes. All people appear to be using personal vehicles. There are no bus stops that I can see. (From living here I know a block south of my location there is a bus stop by the library. There are multiple benches in front of the library but no shade that I can recollect.) Is there public housing? What is its condition?There is public housing a few blocks north of my location. A large apartment complex that is labeled as “HUD housing” from a sign in the main lawn. They are well maintained on the outside. I do not know the condition on the inside.Are there any indicators of the kinds of work available to