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Wallace and Gromit


After a while in peaceful seclusion, our favourite characters Wallace and Gromit return for another fun filled adventure. In a plot against an evil sheep-napping crazy dog. Their newest window cleaning service takes them on a journey as they help Wallace's heartthrob Wendolene, to stop her fiendish, cunning dog Preston, turning sheep into dog food.


They sure haven’t made it easy for themselves already having made two exceptional movies beforehand. Can Nick Park raise the bar? They rely on visual gags and cultural references including their own previous movies, but you can only go too far before people are no longer able to understand what the jokes are about. If you are too ‘vague’ people will no longer know what it is about nut make it too obvious then the joke loses its entire meaning.

But! In their quest to keep the kids happy you watch Preston the evil dog get made into dog food by his own invention. With scary, loved up and comedic moments this is one for all the family to cry at in all different ways. Continuing the series the third Wallace and Gromit is a movie about even more inventions and appears in the same, loved plasticine make. The set-up consists of Shaun the sheep escaping and Gromit knitting in bed (odd dog…). In the morning yet again they are trying to make life easy with gizmo, this time it’s the porridge shooter that’s wreaking havoc. Wallace somehow is unable to tie together the fact that there is a wool shortage and there have been sheep that have been reported stolen yet Wendolene owns a shop that has lots of wool and her business is thriving. Lots of wool… coincidence? I think not. Gromit is immediately bullied by the antagonist Preston and also framed by him for stealing the sheep.

Our poor Gromit is taken advantage of because of his kind nature, without revealing too much I will tell you that ‘Feathers was there’. A fast paced, slow paced and creepy movie is what Nick Park has produced for us this time, with decent sheep formations, wild car chases and jail break outs this is another thrilling Wallace and Gromit that will give you shivers.

The new characters, Wendolene and Preston went down mildly with me, with Wendolenes’ annoying personality and useless hints Wendolene could be seen as the reason there was such a colossal complication. Preston, on the other hand is an evil, witty, sadistic dog with an obsession with Shaun the sheep.

You could criticize Nick Park for not killing off Preston for his bad deeds but that would probably make the kiddies cry. But that is certainly what I wanted to see, watching the baddie die. Gromit's superhero status is kept alive, as it is him that comes up with the plan to save the day with his sidekick Shaun the sheep. A frantic car chase is what prevents the sheep from all just being captured once and for all. Gromit and Shaun save them once again at the end using their great chemistry that