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Dear, Mr. Hall, Mrs. Dickson I sincerely apologize about all the problems I’ve been giving, even though most of the time I have gotten in trouble. You have been an absolutely genuine amiable people and I thank you for that so much but this time I’ve gotten in major jeopardy. I don’t even know if I can get out of it, only thing I can do is to hopefully turn in my school work and pray that I don’t get an expulsion from school. Also the reason why I didn’t right away just say it was me because I was terrified of what was going to happen. The substitute was scaring about his reaction and I also deeply apologize about throwing the pencil at the Substitute face and I understand it could of hurt him or permanently If you can understand that I don’t want to be in 8th grade again and that it was an accident about what happened in the class that day and I did not do that on purpose. So if you can consider me back in to your school I will not give you problems at all and that you know I want to graduate and to be at the Promotion Ceremony. You two are great people that I misunderstood your warnings for a joke but as I see now it’s not a joke this is serious. Nothing to play with, a felony at this age is not great and I am not that type a of girl that wants trouble for herself in the future I want more then this I want to be in a high position like you two . As you can see I am a truly a very nice person and intelligent to know that this is a major problem that I may not get myself out of.

*Can you please forward this to the substitute please?

To the Substitute I extremely apologize about what I did to you I really didn’t mean to put you in any harm I really want you to know that I am very sorry and the reason I didn’t say anything when you asked around. Is Because I was terrified about every, and your reaction actually scaring